iReff is the fastest, easiest way to find the best recharge for your prepaid mobile. Updated daily for all operators, based on tariff information published on respective operator website.

How to use

  1. Select your operator and circle
  2. Browse by benefit category
  3. View details
  4. Search
  5. Recharge
  6. Share

Select Operator and Circle

Android App: Tap the title bar entry which shows the currently selected operator and circle.

Windows App: Tap the Switch icon in the application bar at the bottom.

iPhone App: Tap the button on the navigation bar which shows the currently selected operator and circle.

Web: Use the drop down menus showing the currently selected operator and circle.

If you are using the app, make sure you have an active internet connection while doing this because the data has to be fetched from the server. If there is no network connection, the app will show you cached data if it is available. We recommend that you always use the app with an active internet connection for best results.

Browse by Benefit Category

The recharges are neatly separated into different benefit categories. Some recharges may provide multiple benefits and therefore the same recharge can appear under multiple categories. The Topup category shows full and extra talktime recharges at the top, followed by normal talktime recharges. Recharges in remaining categories are sorted based on relevancy. Recharges with less frequently used benefits such as roaming, validity extension are shown under the Others category.

View details

Tap on the plan to view details.


You can do a search if you are looking for something in particular. You can search for price, rate, value or any text that appears in the recharge description.Please note the search is done only for the currently selected operator and circle. If you want to search for some other operator, you need to change the operator first.

  • Search for 100 to find any recharge with price 100 or if 100 appears anywhere in the recharge description
  • Search for 10 p to find recharge products that have a tariff of 10 p/min
  • Search for facebook to find recharges that have Facebook benefits
  • Also try searches like 30 days, night, roaming, a2a, free etc.

* Coming soon for iPhone


Recharge function is available for android users. We will be adding this function soon for other platforms. Please click here to find more details on how to get a recharge.


On details page click on ‘share’ icon, which will allow you to select one of the supported share options like Facebook, twitter, WhatsApp etc.

Other useful information

  • Read the FAQ if you still have any unanswered questions.
  • Check the Glossary explaining some of the complex/unknown words used by the operators.
  • Want to know how to check balance? or Want to call your operator's customer care? See the Operator Information section.